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How to Advertise on D9ty7stories

Terms and conditions

  1. Offensive and abusive ads are not allowed. (Chauvinistic, sexist etc)

  2. Php, MLM, Ponzi schemes are not allowed to runs ads

  3. Politics: Campaign and political oriented ads will only be allowed to run after a thorough check has been done to ensure there is not campaign of calumny.


BANNER ADS: The advertiser produces a befitting banner for their business and after approval, the banner goes up in the following manner;

  • 720×250(Large) #1,000 per week and displays on all pages

  • 540×540(tall) #600 per week, displays on the homepage alone

  • 250×75(small) #300 per week, displays in between every blog posts

Send your ads banners to admin@d9ty7stories.com.ng

DEDICATED BLOG POST: Here, our team of expert publicists work hand in hand with you to come up with an interesting write up talking about your products and services.

  • The blog posts is stickied, so it doesn’t leave the first page

  1. #1,500 per week + 3 free days

WORD ADS: For webmasters, hosting and domain registrars or any service rendering company with a website.

  • A short description of your service and link to your website is attached.

  1. Stories: To have your ads in between stories posts which generates more views costs #500 per week

  2. Random posts: Free for all of our advertisers.

SOCIAL MEDIA; Currently, our social media pages has a followership running into thousands and with more users trooping into Instagram and Facebook, it is important that we turn that into a tool for advertising.

INSTAGRAM(15,000 followers): To run ads costs #10,000 per month

FACEBOOK(12,000 likes): 5,000 per month and your ads is shared everyday for thirty days.

In a bid to support new SMEs, young entrepreneurs, start up businesses, students in business, for the first thirty days of D9ty7stories.com, dealers in; fashion, apparel, cakes and confectionaries, jeweleries and beads will run 250×75 banner ads for free(provided they have banners) but will still have Word Ads run on their behalf for free.

About D9ty7

Durodola Olawale. Y is a young Nigerian writer, social media PR expert, social critic, business consultant and a political analyst cum diplomat. My love for writing dates back to 2012 when I first made an attempt to write a story. A dream I finally actualized in 2013 with TEENAGE LOVE NAIVETY; my debut story. Since than I have gone on to release the following body of work on the web and as PDF; Shadows from the Past - 2014 The Undercover Agent- 2014 All in a Circle- 2014 The Thomas- 2015 The Murderer- 2016 The Sextape- 2017 I am not a Feminist: You don't have to be too- 2018 The State House- 2018 I hope to never stop writing, no matter what.

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