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Mad House 2


    Today is another great day on the whole as I won for the first time in my sports betting career. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am a great booker, but the greatness has never shown in my hustle. Many a times, I have helped guys forecast their games and they have won. But I have never forecasted a game that I will win. Not with ten betslip every time. I guess I am always too ambitious, nobody wants to win chicken change. The lowest amount you can see on my bet slip is a potential winning of two hundred thousand Naira. Talking of that amount, it sure would do a lot in my life. I needed a new phone, I need to offset my house rent and every bills I am owing.

     “You mean sey Segun dey cry?”  I asked Robert who only laughed.

 The guy was just gisting me about Segun’s horrible experience in the hands of Viagra and to say it is funny would be an understatement. How I wish I was there to laugh.

       “Taaar! For that kind situation, you no go laugh I swear.”  Robert replied.


      “You don see hunter today?”  I asked.

      “No.”  He replied.

Talk of the devil, Akin walked into the compound that moment dressed in his shorts and armless undershirt. Truth be told, Akin used to be one of the richest guys in the compound. There was a time he used to feed all the guys, get gift for everybody on their birthdays, fuel his generator set to let us charge our phones, play his Playstation and watch film. But all of a sudden, everything changed. Segun could no longer support himself financially anymore. It became so worse that he started depending on the career jobless members of the house. But one thing he retained was his fresh looks.  All thanks to his collection of great clothes and his ability to keep fit and stay healthy. Except we his close friends, seeing Akin for the first time, one would think he works with Chevron.

      “How far na?”  I asked.

      “I dey o.”  He replied.

      “Where you commot go na?”  I asked.

      “Baba I go chop ni o.”  He replied.  “I been try your number but it was switched off.”  

   One thing is, you better have a good explanation for eating alone without the other guys. And as such, everyone is prepared with a lie or two to justify their eating alone. That is exactly what Akin just did.

     “My battery is dead.”  I replied.

  One thing I could notice was some kind of bad blood between him and Robert. Even though they were never friends, they still relate pretty well nonetheless.

      “Robert, why you no greet Akin?”  I asked.

     “I no see am na.”  Robert replied.

 Akin only scoffed.

     “Shebi you don see am now, greet am na.” I added.

     “I still never see am.”  Robert replied.

   No doubt, Robert is a great guy, but his woman-like behavior has made him loose friends, particularly in this compound. No guy wants to be friends with a snitch who couldn’t cover up for his friend.

       “Why una two dey fight na?”  I asked.

       “No mind Hunter jare.” Robert began.

       “Never in your life call me Hunter again.”  Akin surprisingly replied. “I mean it.”

       “This guy was trying to rip off Segun because of his condition. He made a job out of the situation and cut back some money. All I did was tell him to pay me too, but he took it personal.”  Robert explained.

        “Baba, I gats go baff.”  Akin announced.

   One thing about Akin, he hates to be at fault. So, I knew he was trying to evade me blaming him. Because if there is one thing the MAD HOUSE has, it is truth. We can always tell ourselves the truth.

        “Guy why?”  I asked.

       “Why what?”  Robert replied.

       “Why you dey always do like woman?  If Akin decides to cut, it is his business. He thought of the deal and cashed on it. Or did you two agree to make a deal?”  I asked.

        “No, but…”  

        “No buts bruv. We all know everybody’s condition in this compound. While you have a job that pays you everyday, Akin doesn’t. His only hope is on the money. Now your money is double.”  I continued.

        “Why are you talking like this? Na today we dey share money?”  

       “When you dey poor, no be this guy dey feed you? Feed all of us.”  I asked.

        “I don collect money, nothing go happen.”  Robert stood his ground.

  Well, I don’t care. But I have told him my mind.

          “Thanks bro.” Akin whispered.

 I only nodded.

          “Hi Akin.”  A sweet angelic voice called.

  I turned in the direction of the voice and much to my chagrin it was Titi. The snob.

  Akin left my side and went to meet her.

       “Obi nna.” Segun hailed.

      “Shege Baba.”  I hailed back.

     “How far?”  He asked.

      “Baba I dey o.  How body?”  I replied.

       “I’m getting better.”  He replied acknowledging Robert and thanking him for the other day.

       “You dey go out?”  I asked only then did I realize that I shouldn’t have asked.

 Segun held a polythene bag, a container of kerosene and a matchbox.

      “I wan go burn this thing na.”  He replied.

   I burst into laughter.

      “Na Viagra and Trama be this na?” I asked.

      “I tell you.  I no dey do again. I almost died.”  The way he replied was even funnier.

       “You still wan blow ba?”  I asked.

     “I go feature Jay-Z and Kayne West.”  He replied.

 Interesting! Segun is setting his collection of sex performance enhancer ablaze. Let’s see how far he goes without returning to them.

        “What’s up with those two?”  He asked pointing at Akin and Titi who stood in front of the latter’s apartment.

       “I don’t know o.” I replied.

       “I still wan fuck that babe o. See shape.”  Segun said dreamily.

       “Which shape?  She just dey jor. She is not that impressive sef.”  I replied immediately.

       “Na you Sabi.”  

  Actually, I think Titi has a great body too. Wait!  I dey mad?  I know she has a hot banging body and I will love to bang her too. But I cannot betray the agreement the brothers made about not talking to the snob. Even though I don’t know what Akin is up to.

       “Shegs.”  Akin hailed as he returned.

      “Baba how far?”  Segun replied.  “Wetin you dey follow the babe talk?  Una dey fuck?”

      “We just started talking and she is really nice.”  Akin replied.

       “Forget the niceness. She is using your head. Remember what she did to Dangote. Akin think.”  I replied.

       “You are wrong.”

Now, the Dangote here is not the richest man in Africa. He is also one of the tenants.

        “You gotta pledge your allegiance to one team. Either the brothers or that bitch.”  I voiced out.

        “Stop calling her a bitch.”  He replied.

   I clapped my hands. “Well played.  You have decided to become friends with someone we all agreed to stay away from.  You have betrayed the brothers. You no try o.”

       “Unless you move closer to someone, you cannot know their true behavior.” Akin replied. “Moreso, Titi has never offended me. She offended Dangote, not me.”  He added before walking away.

        “Amazing!”  Segun remarked.

To be continued 

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Durodola Olawale. Y is a young Nigerian writer, social media PR expert, social critic, business consultant and a political analyst cum diplomat. My love for writing dates back to 2012 when I first made an attempt to write a story. A dream I finally actualized in 2013 with TEENAGE LOVE NAIVETY; my debut story. Since than I have gone on to release the following body of work on the web and as PDF; Shadows from the Past - 2014 The Undercover Agent- 2014 All in a Circle- 2014 The Thomas- 2015 The Murderer- 2016 The Sextape- 2017 I am not a Feminist: You don't have to be too- 2018 The State House- 2018 I hope to never stop writing, no matter what.

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