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Mad House 5



 The drive from the hospital back home was quite boring because no one said a word to the other. Except the few times the driver tried to initiate a conversation and every of his attempt was blocked by either Mimi or Titi. Both if whom on both side of me at the back seat, leaving the front seat vacant, save for the bags placed on it.

     In the three days I spent at the hospital, I noticed some changes in both Mimi and Titi.

   Up until the moment I was stabbed, Mimi and I never went past greeting, we were never friends. But how she became so close to me during those three days is still a mystery. And Titi on the other hand is just starting to become my friend, and it seems like these three days gave her the needed time to become a close one.

 Mimi dropped out of Delta state University after the death of her father and she followed Sandra to Lagos to hustle and she has been doing that for about four years now. Titi is a graduate of Banking and finance at the University of Lagos and she works with one of the new generation banks in Lagos. She is from a family of four, she has a little sister and both her parents.

 From what the two of them told me, I didn’t see anything outside the ordinary until Mimi said; “I wish to settle down some day with a man who will overlook my past and make a family.”  And Titi played the pity-game; “I have had my own share of relationships and heartbreak, but I still believe in love and I won’t mind trying again.”

   From the way I viewed both ladies, I think they have a thing for me, because I don’t understand why they had to tell me things I didn’t ask them. And another thing is the way they find it difficult to agree.

    “Akin, I will go I  now and prepare rice.  Just go to your room and freshen up, I  will bring lunch later.”  Mimi said as soon as the cabman drove into the compound.

     “Akin, you are not strong enough, so I suggest I cook for you in your room.”  You guessed right, that was Mimi.

      “I will just go inside and freshen up. I’m not really hungry.”  I replied.

  I could see the disappointment on their faces, but I cared less.

      “Titi, see me immediately.”  The landlord thundered from the balcony upstairs.

Only God knows what the man is always doing upstairs. After all, it is still under construction.

        “I will see you later.”  Titi snapped back at him.

  Not everybody can talk to the landlord anyhow. Titi must be a powerful lady.

        “Akin, pele o.” (Akin, sorry o)  He said to me.

       “Thank you sir.”  I replied.

  By the time we entered through the small gate leading into Aso Rock, as if everyone planned to stay at home just to welcome me. I could tell the whole house was waiting for me. Or let me say every jobless member of the compound.

  The chants of Akin!!  Hunter!!  Rented the air as everyone shook hands with me and the ladies gave me breast-cracking hugs.

    “I kept this bottle specially for you.” Umar, the official comedian said holding a broken bottle.

  I could tell that was the same bottle Mimi stabbed me with cos I saw a change in her countenance.

     “You took a stab and you lived.”  Segun remarked.  “You should be celebrated.”  

    “Umar, I think you should buy a bottle for everyone here and take the guys out later.”  Obinna suggested.

    “Why me of all the people here?”  Umar asked.

    “Segun, abeg tell him.”  Obinna faced Segun who only laughed.

     “Okay, how many people do we have here?”  Umar asked.

   I  left my mouth open in shock. Umar is not one to buy himself a drink, not to talk of a dozen people.

    “Just buy two crates.” Obinna suggested.

    “Two crates is too much.”  Umar argued.

    “Sandra will drink when she returns.” Obinna replied.

  I walked closer to Segun who was trying to suppress his laughter.

    “Baba, na Umar dey spend like this?  He don make am?”  I asked.

    “Long story. We will talk later.”  Segun replied laughing.

  Whatever it is he wants to tell me must be interesting and I can’t wait. Guess the Aso Rock is still mad.

     “Let me go in and freshen up.”  I said, but it seems no one heard me speak.

  With the help of Titi who never left my side, we made our way towards my apartment.

     “Where is the bastard that impregnated my daughter?”  It sounded like a million voices at once, but no, the voice belongs to Mama Chidera, a very troublesome woman who used to live inside the Aso Rock until the retired soldier who owned the compound beside Aso Rock married her legally or illegally.

 Chidera was walking behind her mother and judging from the tears in her eyes, one could tell she is the pregnant daughter.

    But who could have impregnated the eighteen year old girl?  

  As a former tenant, Mama Chidera’s children still visit the Aso Rock occasionally as they sometimes help people with their chores at a price.

    “Who among these boys impregnated you Chidera? Who among them slept with you?”  The angry woman asked.

  As if pre-planned, all the ladies in the compound disappeared, leaving only the guys at the center of the compound, in front of Mama Chidera.

  The teenager in turn looked at us one after the other.

     “Which of them did it?  Tell me and let me deal with him.”

 When Mama Chidera threatens to deal with you, remove your shoe and run for your life.

To be continued 

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