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My Son My Man 4


It is the third and final day of the Presidential Youths-In Business Conference. A three day workshop programme organized by the ministry of Youth and sports in conjunction with the ministry of Labour and productivity as part of the president’s campaign for a second term.

One hundred young men and women entreprenuers were invited across the thirty six states, and the three days worship which started with a town hall meeting with the ministers and key presidential aides on matters concerning youths and youth empowerment was followed by a three hours conference with the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The president who vowed to make the youth his number one priority if reelected pledged to assist them in expanding their businesses and getting them the licence to operate in heights they have never been in before.

 Today being the final day of the conference will see the particpants been treated to a presidential banquet between the hour of five and nine on the PM side.

   Raymond Williams has been selected as one of five participants from Lagos state which is considered as the commercial hub of Nigeria and therefore the reason for having five participants. States like Anambra, Abia, Rivers were also give four slots each considering how industrious their people are and how viable the states are in terms of business and investment as well as how enabling the environments are.

Raymond who spoke for the group of entrepreneurs highlighted the major problems youths are facing in the country, while advising the government introduce new courses in the Universities, especially capacity building courses. Courses that enable youths take risks and go into business and not learn a bunch of theories and theorems over a period of four years only to join the overcrowded labour market unable to practice. He admonished the president to make youth empowerment his major plan for his second term while reiterating the youth’s massive support to his ambition.

The President on his part had thanked the youth for honoring the invite while also pledging to do more in the aspect of youth empowerment and support for SMEs and a lot more. He also advised that the ICT sector be kept alive as a never seen before form of investigative journalism and quick access to information lies in the sector. He also took out time to laud the youths who are frontrunners in the oil and gas sectors, particularly the ones who own oil exploration companies as well as those in the energy sector of recycling renewable energy.

 Raymond smiled as he swiped through his phone’s picture gallery reliving the moments from the meeting with the Commander in Chief. This was his third time attending the workshop, having been invited four years ago, two years ago, last year and the present year’s edition. A sharp knock from the door interrupted his thoughts.

    “Come in.” He said, not minding who it is at the door.

But this is a Presidential guest house inside the Aso Rock, nothing can possibly go wrong. Or so he thought.

    A sexy Victoria walked into the room clad in a sleeveless gown which stopped just above the knee and a set of gold earrings, chain and Luis Vuitton clutch.

      “Tori, what’s up?” Even though he wasn’t surprised to see her, he knew it was only a matter of time before she came calling after he had ran into her on the day the workshop began.

      “I’m fine, how about you?” She replied.

      “I’m just fine.”

By now she was standing next to him as he sat at the foot of the bed. “By the way you look presidential. From your carriage to you your articulation. You should consider running for office one day.”

Aside his childhood friend; Raheem, the only person closest to being his friend is Victoria. Their families have been friends even before their births and being only two years older than she is, they became friends right from the first time they met and through high school and the University they kept their bond. Making it a triangle with Raheem. Even though Raymond had secretly crushed on Victoria, he never made his intentions known because he saw her as a sister.

     “How has been the workshop?” Raymond asked.

    “I can’t complain. I mean, we’ve been treated Presidential so far and that’s the climax.” She replied with a chuckle.

She took step closer to Raymond until she was inches closer. She held his collar, pulled him towards her just then his phone rang. Being at arms length with the phone on the bed, she reached for it and handed it over to him, but not without taking a peek at the name and the picture of the caller attached.

And it strucked her; she had met the caller.

     “Hello Sweetheart.” Raymond said into the receiver as he excused himself from her.


  Four hours later;

   The day’s programme was over and the male participants representing their various states sat across a table inside the hotel’s bar.

     Raymond sat inside the hotel bar with a couple of friends he had met since the beginning of the workshop. They discussed the state of the nation, the economy, their businesses their chances at capturing  political power at various levels.

     “Usman, fancy becoming the governor of Kano one day?” Someone asked.

     “We are taking over one day.” A young Northerner replied with a smile. “I know Raymond has ambitions. Am I right Ray?” Usman asked.

   Raymond laughed. “Let it be heard here first. I am going to the Senate in the next general election.”

 There was a loud applause from the table as everyone congratulated him.

    “My Senator sir, can I work as your Personal assistant?” A young man asked.

     “You are my boss Sir.” Raymond replied.

The men continued to throw banter across the table.

      “Waiter, get this table fresh drinks. On me.” Raymond instructed.

      “My Senator is living up to the office already.” Usman hailed. “Even before election, you have won.” He added and this was followed by a loud applause.

  Two hours later, at around 1AM, they decided to call it a night as each of the men took their leave at different times.

    One by one, they started to leave, but not without dropping their complimentary cards.

After all, this year’s Presidential Youth in Business Conference is not a waste after all. Raymond thought as he staggered towards the elevator.

On the sixth floor, he walked out of the elevator and made for his suit, barely conscious of anything.

 He pushed the door to his suite open, and the sight he beheld was the last thing he was expecting. Lying on the bed was a butt naked female figure in a pink backless lingerie. He swallowed hard as he felt some movement in his groin. In his drunken state, he approached the figure and before he got to the bed, he was only in briefs.

Two days later,

  Raymond walked into the Business class of the Arik air Lagos bound flight in company of his fellow workshop participant from Lagos.

     “Please fasten your seatbelt.” Came the warning from the cockpit. “We are about to take off.”

  Raymond glanced towards his right where Victoria was seated.

     “What happened in Abuja stays in Abuja.” He said as a reminder.

Victoria only nodded in affirmative.

To be continued


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