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Mad House 6

#6 Pregnancy palava

And so it has been confirmed, Obinna impregnated Chidera and everyone found it unbelievable, because Obinna is a money conscious guy who is known for his high-handedness when it comes to relationship with women and mostly minors.
Where and when he had sex with the teenager is still a mystery to everybody, because Obinna is always outside going through livescores to know if his bets turns fruitful or fruitless. And other times he is comparing team quality before placing his bet on them. If Obinna is not at home, then you will find him in any of the bet shop around or a viewing center and other times, he is having a full plate of Akpu in his favorite canteen.
“Guy, wetin you go do now?” Segun asked like a brother that cares.
“I swear, I don’t know.” Obi who has a cut above his left eye replied.
One could tell he is confused and hurting.
First of all, the girl’s parent are aware of the pregnancy and him being the father, therefore the option of abortion is out of it. Secondly, he is jobless and broke, that he couldn’t feed himself not to talk of feeding a woman and a baby. Thirdly, his rent is about to expire which makes him homeless and adding a woman to his list of worries will either kill him or kill him.
“But you sef no try. How you go dey sleep with minors? A girl who can barely take care of herself. A more matured girl will hide the pregnancy from her parents. You fucked up o.” The righteous Umar poured out.
“This is not a time to heap blames on anybody.” Akin replied.
“No, let him keep blaming him na. Let him keep up his holier than thou attitude as if his own is not worse. At least we knew he is dating Chidera, what about you? Are you not sleeping with ashawo on credit?” Segun faced Umar.
“Wait o! Who is sleeping with Ashawo on credit? Umar? This is unbelievable.” Akin asked in shock.
“Don’t be surprised, in fact, na Sandra.” Segun replied.
“Wonders shall never end.” Akin remarked.
“What are you going to do now? What’s your plan?” Segun asked.
“I don’t know.” Obinna replied.
“You mean you don’t have a plan and you got a girl pregnant? What was your plan when you were fucking all over the place?” Segun asked.
“How did it come to be sef? Since when have you been doing it?” Akin asked.
“Over a year now.” He replied.
“O boy! You slept with a minor? Better no let them hear you.” Was Segun’s reaction.
Out of nowhere, a familiar voice rang through the compound and if on a loudspeaker.
“Tola come out o.” It was the landlord’s youngest wife. Iya Iyabo, a terrific young lady who has become a terror within the few months she has spent in the compound.
Rumor has it that she was only a babymama until Alhaji decided to make her his fourth wife legally. And she turned out to be a very jealous woman. Forgetting the fact that she kinda snatched the Alhaji from his senior wives, she wouldn’t let any of the girls in the compound go near Alhaji. You can’t even greet him, not to talk of going into their apartment to charge or do anything else.
“Ashawo, come out o.” Her voice rang again.
“Another fight?” Umar who has been quiet asked in a whisper.
“I no fit carry last on this.” Trust Obinna to forget his very numerous problems for the time being.
“Who is the animal that is shouting all over the place?” Tola asked as several walked out from her apartment.
Tola is one lady I respect so much, not because she is nice but because she is easy going, calm and cool headed. Though a hustler like her other friends, but her maturity is top notch. She doesn’t jump around displaying her wares anyhow, she is high-class and according to the story, she let the other girls live with her while she foot the rent bills.
“You dared call me an animal? Your mother is an animal.”
Now, this is one thing I hate; You and I fighting and you referring to my family and parents.
“Don’t speak ill of my parents, you are in no way near their level.” Tola corrected. One could tell she is boiling.
“Am I not old enough to be your mother?” Iya Iyabo asked.
Another problem I have with Yoruba people; the moment they get married or give birth, they automatically become older. I don’t know why. Maybe because they have someone calling them; mummy. So they think everyone else should respect them.
“You cannot be my mother. How old are you? Because you have a teenage daughter whom you gave birth to as a teenager.” Tola replied. “Labake, you look older because you gave birth very early and you have suffered for too long.”
This getting interesting. Tola just called her by her first name.
“Ashawo, since when have you been sleeping with my husband? When was the last time you paid your rent in this compound?” Iya Iyabo asked.
So, I stopped caring about the fight, but the latest revelation. Does that mean Tola gives the landlord sex in exchange for rent? We weee no take eet!
“Your husband knows what is good and since you useless women cannot give him what I give to him. He decided that the only way to pay me is if I live free of charge!.” Tola replied.
But why Ashawo no dey get shame?
“No wonder, I talk am. You cannot let people live free of charge in the apartment you got with your money. Not here in Lagos.” Umar said.
The sound of a bottle was all we heard as we took retreating steps. And in a blink of an eye, Iya Iyabo had a broken bottle while Tola held a plank.
“Emi! Igboro ni mi o.”(translated as; me! I am from the street o) Iya Iyabo said, as if we don’t know.
“Your father.” Tola made a run towards her and before we could say Jack, they were locked in an embrace, only that this time, they are fighting.
“Hunter, go separate them na.” Obinna said to me.
But me, I am wiser now.
Tola with the help of her long nails succeeded in ripping Iya Iyabo’s blowse into shreds.
Oh lord of saggy breasts!
The two women continued ranting on top of their voices with none of them moving a step further.
“If you know your name is Labake, move closer.” Tola dared Iya Iyabo.
“Na me you dey talk to like that?” Iya Iyabo asked.
It has been a long time feature of the Yoruba people to always make mouth without actually making a move. Just as it is playing out now, Iya Iyabo had made the daring move of grabbing and smashing a bottle, while Tola didn’t disappoint when she grabbed a plank, but trust the Yoruba in them, no one has made the attempt of hitting or stabbing the other for over four minutes.
“Una display don dey bore me o.” Obinna complained.
“Awon wo lo n ja nibeyen?”(Translated as; who are those fighting over there?)The landlord’s voice came in its usually deep manner from the balcony upstairs.
Immediately, the two fighters stopped. One could read the fear on Iya Iyabo’s face.
“Tola, ma binu my dear.”(translated as; Tola dear, don’t be annoyed) Without knowing what happened said. “Oya, Labake wo le wa.” (Labake, come inside right now) He ordered his youngest wife who left the scene.
“O boy, baba landlord sef sabi better thing. See as he favoured ashi over his own wife.” Obinna said.
“Every woman in this compound na ashi.” Umar replied.
Not my own Titi tho. Hunter thought.

To be continued

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