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My Son My Man 6


After days of arguing, Tasha agreed to take her son to meet his father. Not that she had much of a choice, but her reluctance to do it was the main reason for the argument between herself and her Aunt’s husband.
And one Saturday morning, at exactly 11:56, she drove into the premises of KFC, a very popular fast food retail restaurant in company of her son.
“Mummy, you know I don’t like KFC.” Philip complained.
“I know, I just want to meet an old friend and we will leave for Shoprite.” Tasha replied. “But on a couple of conditions.” She added.
“What conditions?” The little boy asked.
“You only speak when spoken to.” She began. “You are not to question the person we are meeting. Not for anything, not even for his name.”
“Is that all?” He asked.
“Yes.” She replied. “Let’s go in.”
Together, Mother and Son walked into the spacious restaurant which was bustling with people and activities, typical Saturdays.
Joel sat alone in a corner with a pack of yoghurt and a half filled cup.
“There he is.” She said to Philip as they headed towards the extreme end of the restaurant.
Joel stood up immediately he noticed Tasha’s presence.
“Hello Natasha.” He greeted opening his arms for a hug.
But got a handshake instead. “It’s been ages.” He added. “Please sit.” Pointing to an empty chair at his table.
“Is this my….” he caught himself before he could do any damage by breaking their agreement. “Is this your son?”
“Yeah, Philip, say hi to my old friend.” Tasha said to the young boy who extended his hand for a handshake with Joel.
“Joel.” He said taking the young boy’s hand. “What should they give you?” He asked, even though he secretly prayed that they should decline his request.
“We are fine. Thanks.” Natasha declined curtly.
“I want Ice cream mum.” Philip replied.
“Don’t mind him. He can be mischievous at times.”
“No, let him have whatever he wants.” Joel cuts in. “Even you.” He went further.
“Don’t mind her and she won’t accept if someone else were to turn down her offer to buy them food.” Philip said.
“Tell me more.” Joel requested.
“I thought you two are friends, how come you don’t know that about her?” Philip asked.
“Old friends. Actually, the last time we met, you weren’t born then….”
“Philip, go get yourself a plate of ice cream now.” More like sending him away, Tasha said to Philip who left the table immediately for the freezer.
Once the little boy was out of the scene, he faced Tasha expectantly.
“What are you doing?” She asked. He knew that face and he could tell she was angry.
“Bonding with the boy.” Joel replied.
“You call that bonding? Doesn’t look like it. We had an agreement not to bring up any issue that could cause tension.”
“And I have kept to my end of the bargain so far.” Joel replied.
“Why bring up his birth or anything within that region?” She asked.
Joel kept quiet for a while before speaking up, this time with precision and anger.
“I hope you know this is my son we are talking about. I have as much right to him as you do. And I don’t need any agreement before I can have access to him.” His voice was calm, but Tasha knew how much each word weighed, but she had the perfect card.
“Your son? The one you have been there for right?” She asked.
Just then, Philip returned with a plate of ice cream. Without noticing the tension between the two adults, he sat with them and paid them no attention as he licked the cream.
Twenty minutes, later, one of the attendants approached Joel with the bill.
“One thousand fifty naira?” He asked to be sure.
“Yes sir, cash or POS?” She asked.
“Cash please.” Joel replied as he dipped his hand into his pocket. But what started as dipping his hand into his pocket led to him dipping his hands into his pockets.
His wallet was missing.
Even if he doesn’t have much money in there, he still had enough to foot the bills. But where is the wallet.
“I think I’ve lost my wallet with the cash in it.” He announced. “Turns out we will use POS then.” He added.
Only then did he realize he kept his debit card inside the wallet. He could feel the embarrassment which would follow and he braced himself for it.
“Here.” Tasha said to the attendant as she handed her cash.
The attendant collected the money and left after muttering thanks.
“Thank you.” Joel muttered silently as they left the eatery.
“It’s nothing. Shit happens.”
They came to a halt before a white Nissan Murano. Tasha pressed the unlock button on the remote key and the SUV flashed it’s headlights.
“Nice ride.” Joel complimented.
“Thanks.” She mouthed.
Before she could react, he opened the door to the driver’s side for her and shut it once she sat comfortably behind the wheel.
“Drive safely.” He said as she wound down the window to thank him. “Philip, be good okay?” He waved at the boy who sat on the passenger seat.
For the first time in two hours, Tasha smiled as she thanked him once again. She backed the car out of the parking lot and drove off.
Joel stood watching as the car slowly joined the highway and once it was out of sight, he started to think of how to get home.
But if there was anything he achieved even amidst all the losses, he met his son and spoke to him. Not in a ‘father-capacity’ but he knew it was only a matter of time. He concluded as he pocketed his hands and bounced out of the parking lot with no plan of how to get home.


The time was 7:30pm and a Saturday, the normal ‘girls’ night out’ day for Victoria and her friends. Melania is a twenty six years old Nigerian-American. She is a fashion designer and make up artiste by profession. Owner of a couture who have handled so many high profile make overs for high profile Nigerians. Amina is a twenty five years old daughter of a former governor of Kebbi state and a medical doctor at the Lagos State Teaching hospital.
They are the three musketeers or what is known as the ‘ three musketees’ judging from their gender.
They are all successful ladies in their respective fields and what most Nigerians call independent women, high class chics.
“What’s new with you Amina?” Tori asked.
“Nothing much except that I save lives everyday, nothing else.” Amina replied.
Even with the noise at the bar, the ladies could still hear themselves and have what they call fun.
“What about you Tori?” Amina asked. “How was the Abuja workshop. Was the President hot in person?”
Tori laughed at the question. “You tell me. Your dad was governor when the President was campaigning and I’m sure you met him then.”
“No, he wasn’t President then.” Amina replied.
“After his victory he went on a thank you trip across the country and he visited Kebbi state…”
“At a time when my father was no longer governor.”
Seeing that Amina had answers to all her questions; “The President is actually hot. For a man in his fifties, he is.” She said. “But not my type.”
“I know, you love them young. Melania may be interested.” Amina replied.
Surprisingly, Melania has been quiet all evening as she was busy on her phone. “Melly, sure you are with us?” Tori asked.
“You said?” She asked.
“Everything okay?” Amina queried.
“Yeah, everything is fine. Check Instagram and see.”
The two ladies brought out their phones and opened the Instagram app.
A loud gasp and oh my God was the reaction from the two ladies.
“Is it Photoshop? Is this real?” Tori asked.
“Yeah.” Melania choked on her response as she bursted into tears.
As if that was all they needed, the people at the bar were starting to catch a whiff of the happenings as hands could be seen pointing towards the three beautiful ladies who sat alone in the bar.
Turns out, Melania’s nude pictures have just been leaked on the internet by her estranged boyfriend who felt hurt with the way their relationship ended and has repeatedly threatened to release the pictures, but she called his bluff.
“Let’s get you out of here.” Tori suggested as she led the way while Amina held Melania as they walked amidst stares and people going as far as wanting to ask her.

To be continued

As much as sharing one’s private pictures is wrong, it is devilish to betray people’s trust and release such contents in public to blackmail or get back st someone.

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