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Someone told me I’m loosing it. My cousin Dave told me I was blindly in love when I explained my present predicament to him. In the last seven days, I have flown from Nigeria to America, to Belgium and finally Paris before returning to Nigeria this morning. It was while at Belgium that I met Dave, my cousin. Dave is five years older than me and he is happily married to a German lady, Merkel. The couple lives in Belgium as Dave is in charge of SJC-Belgium. During my conversation with him, I told him about my boyfriend, Collins and even showed him pictures. The first thing he did was blame me for allowing him to work under me at SJC. According to Dave, Collins is not my class, and bringing him to work at SJC will only make him realize the differences in our class. He is going to meet a secretary or another female staff in his class, and he is going to go with her. I know Dave might be wrong, because even though he is a Nigerian, he spent a majority of his life in Germany before finally settling in Belgium. But he spoke about Nigerian men and how they behave like he is one.
I was tempted to agree with Dave, after all, Collins was already getting close to Rukayat. But Rukayat is not in his class if Dave’s explanation is anything to go by. Rukayat is an independent lady, living in a two bedroom flat apartment downtown, with a car of her own, fat bank account, all of this, Collins is yet to have. Maybe I am just being paranoid. Maybe nothing is up between them. Maybe Collins is still faithful as ever.
Maybe he is still in love with me. Even if he is, he should have been here by now. I just
saved him at the head of departments meeting. Even if he is not going to ask me how my journey was, he should come here to thank me for covering him.
Even though I had told him not to come to my office every time. All he needs to do is call me and I will meet him in his office, none of which is happening now. Just then, there was a knock on the door.
“Come in.” The door into the office opened and Collins stepped in.
“Hi.” He said, unsure of how to greet his girlfriend.
“Hi.” A surprised Bunmi replied. “Hi…… Just hi?” she asked.
“I’m sorry.” He said as he approached her. Tears rolled down her cheeks involuntarily. No matter how she tried to stop them, they still came in a rush.
“Why…..?” She wanted to say.
“Shhhhhhh.” he said as he brought his lips close to hers and in a flash, enveloped her lips in his.
“I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend. Just forgive me.” He said and immediately returned to kissing her.
By now, they were both standing.
“I’m sorry.” He said once they were done kissing.
“I love you.” She cried softly.
“I love you too.” He replied as he hugged her. Silence enveloped the room as they seemed to have been lost in the euphoria of the romance.
“You owe me an explanation.” Bunmi said once they broke free. “Back to work.” She laughed.
“Yeah. I am going to meet a local sugar cane farmer now. He is willing to sign the contract with us.” Collins replied.
“Can I come?” She asked.
“Sure. And I hope you have no problems with Rukayat going.”
“More reason why I want to come.” She laughed. “I’ll drive you.” She added.
“Well, I’m driving one of the utility trucks.” Collins
“No problems. I’ll ride with you. But I will sit in front beside you.” She laughed.
Just then the phone rang.
“Bunmi Jose here.” She said once she answered the call.
“Ma’am president, there is a caller here for you. She said she is Kike Brown. Should I send her in?”
“I don’t think I have an appointment with her.” Bunmi replied.
“Not at all.” The caller replied.
“Okay. I have somewhere I must be now. Let her wait
until I’m back.”
“Okay ma’am.” The call ended.


It is over an hour since she was asked to wait for the President. Now she is tired of waiting.
“When will she be back? I’m loosing my patience.” Kike asked the receptionist who had called Bunmi earlier.
“Just a little more patience.” She replied.
“Here is my card. Let her call me when she returns.” Kike said dropping her complimentary card.


As soon as she left SJC, Kike drove down to one of the exotic restaurants in town in a bid to grab lunch, after which she’ll leave for home. She had hoped Bunmi Jones would grant her audience, but the reverse was the case. As a young lady who had lived all her life in wealth and affluence, she is not used to making requests of asking to see people.
By the mention of the name Brown, she could meet with anyone and enter any office complex. But one strange thing about Bunmi Brown is, first, she(Kike) doesn’t like her, especially after she rudely called short her(Kike) conversation with Collins the first time they met, yet she still wanted to help her. Another strange thing was, exposing Tony Brown’s plans to Bunmi may as well be the end of the bad Tony and the beginning of SJC achieving more successes, but something is pushing her(Kike) to help
an outsider at the detriment of her brother.
“Welcome ma’am.” A security at the door said as she stepped into the air conditioned hall. The time was 11AM, so, there were not too many people in the hall. After all, it was past breakfast, and not yet lunch time. She scanned the hall with her sharp eyes, then she spotted an empty table at the far end of the hall, just a few feet away from a cute couple who were acting all lovey as they ate.
Putting on her air of superiority, she strode towards the table, dropped her bag, then proceeded to the counter where she made her orders and instantly paid with her
debit card. She returned to her table with the tray on top which her food was, and just before she sat down, a pair of familiar eyes winked at her, followed by a smile on a familiar face.
“Hello Kiks.” Amanda smiled.
Alas, the couple acting loved up, the lady was her cousin, Amanda.
“Hi Amy.” Kike replied as she ignored the rather cute guy sitting with her cousin and proceeded to her table.
“Sweet cuz, come join us here.” Amanda said. Kike weighed her chances, then settled for sitting with them. At least to have someone to talk to.
“Meet my boyfriend, Sandro.” Amanda said no sooner had Kike taken a seat on the left of Sandro and the right of her. “Sandro, this is my cousin, Kikelomo.” Amanda completed the introduction.
“Hi.” Kike smiled shaking hands with Sandro. “Hello.” Sandro took her hand in his.
Kike dugged into her plate of rice calmly and listened to how the two lovebirds conversed. They seemed to be in love, especially her cousin who seemed to have
finally gotten over the issue of fiv years ago when she vowed never to love another man. Kike refused to give the Sandro of a guy attention, even though he is cute, confident and rich, but he belongs to her cousin, and the things of the past shouldn’t reoccur.
“Kiks, you are not contributing.” Amanda pointed out when Kike’s silence became too obvious and unbearable.
“Maybe she is shy.” The guy Sandro replied.
Kike smiled. She loved it when people say she is shy. Why would she be shy? When she has everything at her beck and call. Even if she was naturally born shy, she had since grown out of her shell to become an extreme extrovert. Therefore, anyone who says she is shy knows little or nothing about her.
“No, Kike is not shy. At least when it comes to men. If she could snatch my twenty two year old boyfriend when she was twenty four, then nothing is impossible.” Amanda replied. One thing Kike knew for sure is, Amanda still hasn’t gotten over the issue. It was five years ago, the same year she(Kike) graduated from the University and the night of her convocation, a dinner was organized with friends, families and acquaintances present. Amanda had invited her then boyfriend, a Nigerian and one thing
led to another and she(Kike) had s-x with him, only to be bursted by Amanda when she couldn’t find her boyfriend. That night marked the end of their
friendship, and even though their parents tried to bring them back together, Amanda only agreed to make her parents stop worrying. Afterall, she refused to tell anybody Kike’s exact offence.
“Sorry, I have to leave.” Kike said standing with a wounded heart.
“Its nice meeting you Kike.” Sandro said.
Kike ignored the couple as she left the restaurant, hurt, angry and sad.


Collins drove the utility truck into the premises of SJC and immediately, Rukayat who sat on the backseat alighted and walked towards her department. All their meeting with their new partners, Bunmi ensured Collins never said anything to her, as she never took her hands off his arm, at the same time never stopped to make body contacts. Rukayat on the other hand who felt the visit as a perfect way to have time with Collins was disappointed when Collins showed up with Bunmi. Rukayat, that moment wanted to return to work, but so as not to make her behaviour too obvious, she sadly left the front seat and sat at the back while Bunmi took over the passenger seat in
front. Now, another day has been wasted. The only time she could get Collins attention was when they were alone, and the chances of them being alone is quite low as he had made up with Bunmi and Bunmi is a lover who never takes her eyes off her man.
The two lovers ignored Rukayat’s behaviour as they both got down and proceeded towards the building.
“Let’s go to your office.” Collins said.
“Why my office and not yours?” Bunmi replied.
“I love you office.” Collins replied.
“Or you love my secretary?” Bunmi asked amidst laughter.
“And why is that?” Collins asked.
“She has a bigger front than I do.” Bunmi replied still laughing.
Collins bursted into laughter. “I actually have my eyes on some other lady in your office.” He replied.
“And who is she?” Bunmi asked.
“Top secret.” Collins replied as she hit him playfully with a punch on the shoulder.
“Come on, tell me.” She said as she took quickened steps to meet up with Collins who also increased his pace.
“I still enjoy her presence very much. Telling you will mean you sacking her. I don’t want that.” He replied. Bunmi chased Collins from there into her secretary’s office.
“Welcome ma.” She greeted. “Welcome Mr Collins.” She greeted Collins who returned her greeting.
“Any message?” Bunmi who by now held Collins hand to ensure that he doesn’t run away any more.
“Yeah. The Browns have decided to withdraw their partnership as our major consumer. The sales department just released the news.” The secretary
“And why is that?” Bunmi asked instantly with quickened breathe as if she wanted to pass out.
Everyone knew the rate at which SJC will suffer if The Browns should stop patronizing their products. As the largest consumer of their furniture products, buying about 15% of their productions per annum.
“Is that all?” Collins asked.
“No, Kike Brown was here and she dropped this.” She said handling the complimentary card to Collins. “She asked that Madam called her.”
Two minutes later, Collins walked Bunmi into her office. The impact of the Brown’s news seemed to hit her at the wrong place.
“Call an emergency meeting.” Bunmi instructed.
“No, I’ll meet with the sales manager first. This news is to be digested between production and sales.”
Collins replied. “You just call Kike Brown, maybe she has something to do with the decision by her family business.
“You are right darling.”
Collins exited the office and Bunmi immediately dialled Kike’s number.
“Bunmi Jose on the line.” She said as soon as Kike picked.

Kike had left the restaurant angrily, and with the same anger, she had sped out of the restaurant and drove homewards reckelessly and at a very high speed. As she drove into the estate, just a few blocks away from her house, her phone rang. She angrily picked the call and she angrily shunned whoever was calling.
“Bunmi Jose on the line.” Was the first thing she heard.
“Don’t call this line again. I have nothing to do with you.” It was too late to take back her words as the line went dead almost immediately.

To be Continued

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Durodola Olawale. Y is a young Nigerian writer, social media PR expert, social critic, business consultant and a political analyst cum diplomat. My love for writing dates back to 2012 when I first made an attempt to write a story. A dream I finally actualized in 2013 with TEENAGE LOVE NAIVETY; my debut story. Since than I have gone on to release the following body of work on the web and as PDF; Shadows from the Past - 2014 The Undercover Agent- 2014 All in a Circle- 2014 The Thomas- 2015 The Murderer- 2016 The Sextape- 2017 I am not a Feminist: You don't have to be too- 2018 The State House- 2018 I hope to never stop writing, no matter what.

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