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Melania walked into an eatery located very close to her house, the first public appearance she was making after her private pictures hit the internet. Even thought and suggested it was best if she left the country, but her Lawyer and friends think it is best if she put the issue behind her and move on. Even though she has sued her ex-boyfriend whom she believed is responsible for the leak.
As she walked in with the worms in her stomach protesting, All eyes turned towards her direction.
People will talk, some will even go as far as saying it to your face, but pay them no heed. It shows how strong you are and before you know it, the scandal will be forgotten. Those were the words of her lawyer earlier in the morning when she told him she wanted to go out for a bite.
With the words ringing at the back of her mind, she ignored the stares and murmurs and made her way to the counter.
“Good morning here.” She said to the attendant who only nodded. “Rice and chicken and hollandia yoghurt.” She ordered.
“Take away or plate?” The attendant asked.
Even though for a start, she has been advised to take things slow. Which means buying food and taking it home, she felt she was strong enough to sit and eat on public without caring about the stares.
“Plate please.” She replied.
She waited for a while before her meal was served on a tray. She carried the tray, located an empty table and started walking towards it.
“Is she the one?” A voice asked as she walked past a table of four.
“She is.” A male voice replied. “It’s all over the internet. If you see her naked body, there is nothing spectacular about it.”
“All these celebrity b!tches are fake. Fake eyelashes, fake boobs, you name it. It’s all fake.” The first voice replied.
“Do not judge her appearance or private looks. Blame the idiot who leaked the pictures.” A feminine voice replied.
“Blame the b!tch who sent or allowed an idiot to take her naked pictures.” A masculine voice replied.
It is a known fact that when it comes to bullying the female folks on mistakes made by the two gender, the male folks are at the forefront. In an event of a woman having more than one sexual partners, men who are the partners derive joy in slut-shaming such woman, forgetting that the sex took place between the woman and ‘men.’
“It is high time you men started bullying women on a mistake both gender made.” The lady continued. “A guy requested for his woman’s nudes, that’s wrong. The woman obliged out of trust. That is also wrong. But here you are blaming the woman as if she sent the nude along with a good morning message.”
Melania had had enough of the talk about her and all she wanted to do at that moment was storm out of the eatery, but one way or another she found herself at the table where talks about her seems to be the subject of the discussion.
“You know what? People make mistakes, I’ve made mine, I’ve learnt and I am on the verge of moving on. Even though this will be a scar for life, but I will weather through it and I suggest you drop my story, pick up yours and make something out of your lives.” As if she had crammed it, she poured everything down. By the time, she was done, she was breathing really hard, and loosing her breathe.
Everything started spinning before her eyes, pictures became blur and the sound from the eatery’s television sounded distant and far off.
She could feel more pairs of eyes on her now, just that they all had looks of fear and pity.
All of a sudden, it appears she was heading to the ground, but before hitting the ground, a pair of strong arms grabbed her, lifted her off her feet and ran out of the eatery.
“What’s wrong with her?” A security man asked.
“Don’t know, she just collapsed.” Joel replied as he stopped to think of his next move. “Any hospital close to this place?” He asked.
“There is a private hospital three streets away.” The security replied.
Shouts of Uncle! Can be heard from inside as one of the eatery’s attendant ran outside with a bunch of keys.
“The key belongs to her. Looks like her car key.”
“Is it remote? Press the unlock button, let us know which one is her car here.” Joel said to the lady who did as she was told and a black colored Mercedes Benz 230 flashed it’s headlight.
Joel made a run for the car and the attendant followed.

On the other side of the Island;
Natasha had a satisfied smile of her face as sipped from the cup of wine before her. Two hours ago, Audrey exchanged vows with her long time boyfriend at the Church and here they were at the reception.
People from all walks of life are in attendance, relatives, friends and acquaintances were present.
As difficult as if was to accept that her best friend is no longer a spinster, she was happy that Audrey is the first of them all to get married, because remembering the story of her love life, one would think she will die being single. All her life, Audrey has only dated one guy, but has been heartbroken more than five times by this same guy. She took more breaks from dating than people who have had more than a partner. She cried her eyes out for him more than people who dated two three men. But here she was, getting married to the guy she has always dated since secondary school.
“Are you enjoying yourself?” Tasha asked her Uncle and Aunt who sat at the sane table with herself and Philip.
They were all dressed in a uniformed attire, what is known as Aso ebi. One thing that distinguishes a Yoruba party from all other tribes’ party.
It is a known fact that the Yorubas love parties that they can organize a party to celebrate the success of a previous party. And wear a different Aso ebi for different hours of the party.

“Where is Philip?” Her aunt asked alarmed.
It is happening all over again, the same reason she doesn’t take Philip to parties. He always ended up getting missing.
“He must have gone off chasing balloons.” Tasha replied based on what happened the last time they went to a wedding ceremony. “And you know I didn’t want to bring him, but you insisted.” She added.
“Audrey insisted.” Her Aunt replied. “By the way, is Raymond not coming?”
“He said he would. He is expected to close a deal at work today.” Tasha replied.
“Okay o.” She needed not to be told how unconvinced her Aunt sounded.
“Trust me, he’ll come.”
The live band performing on stage stopped singing as the Master of the Ceremony, a very popular comedian continued where he stopped before the music break.
“Ladies and gentlemen, history is about to made.” He began. “In the next few minutes, you will witness history and hear some things no one has heard until now.” He paused. “We have some young billionaires in our midst, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on stage, Mr. Raheem Badmus, co-CEO of RayRah oil to give a speech about the newly married couple.”
From where she sat, Tasha could see Raheem approaching the stage with a thunderous applause following him. “Thank you.” He said to the MC as he collected the microphone.
“Does Raheem ever go anywhere if Raymond is not there?” Dr. Ayeni who has been silent asked.
“No sir.” Tasha replied.
Which means Raymond is here. She thought as she brought out her phone to call him.
Raheem kept the guest entertained with his speech about the couple, especially the groom.
“Just before I leave, I want to tell a story.” He paused. “A few weeks ago, I and my friend visited a friend’s store. Tori’s place to get some stuffs and today my very good friend has taken the permission of the couple to do what needs to be done.”
“Also, my friend Raymond is running for the Senate in the upcoming general elections. He picked up his nomination form at the ruling party state headquarters earlier today. We are counting on you for support come the general elections.” The hall went into frenzy as applause followed. “We are never too young to run. Raymond John, where art thou?”
Just as planned, Raymond had followed the backdoor into the hall and was approaching the table where the Ayenis sat.
“Tasha, what’s up?” Raheem asked as soon as Tasha locked eyes with him.
“Tasha, someone’s here for you.” Doctor Ayeni called.
She couldn’t believe her eyes as she turned to see Raymond on his knees with a shinny diamond ring.
“Natasha, Will you marry me?” He popped the question.
“I suggest you people look back because the history is already been made at the back.” Raheem announced and all eyes turned to the back.
“Why didn’t you tell me about your Senate ambition?” Tasha whispered.
“Not now Tash. We’ll talk about that later.” Raymond hushed her.
“Mummy, say yes.” Philip popped up from behind with a smile.
Tasha kept mute for a minute, thinking about life so far with Raymond and what to expect from commiting the rest of her life to him.
It is worth the risk. “Yes, yes, yes.” She replied as Raymond slid the ring on her finger and kissed her passionately.
“For a moment I thought you would say no.” He whispered.
“For a moment, I knew I was never gonna say no.” She replied as they laughed.

To be continued

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