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How I became a Generator Engineer (A Short but true story)

This is a true life story of what happened to me on a fateful Monday; 08-01-2018.
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On this day, January 8 2018, I woke up feeling fly and excited. Largely because it is a morning my elder brother was traveling. I was particularly happy because I get to be king of the house, being the second son and the last born; for a few days tho cos I have to return to school by the end of the week.

  One of the things that gives me joy is seeing my phone battery in the region of 70% to 100% and this fateful Monday, I had 98% and so, 7AM, I got out of bed and started chatting away.

   I was chatting, watching a movie(MacGyver) at the same time but I got myself covered cos there was about 4-litres of fuel waiting inside the jerrycan and a litre or more inside the generator. So, even if my battery went off, I’d simply power the generator and charge. What a way to start a new week!


 Fast forward to 3pm, I had 21% and it was finally time to charge. I brought the generator outside, refueled it and connected the ”connectibles,” only then did it hit me, the generator was due for servicing, judging from the sound it made the previous night(Sunday) and it’s output. But with faith, I powered the generator and the sound was bad and the output was worse.

 The only option was to call an engineer to come and fix it, but judging from the time, it was late in the afternoon and none of the engineers in my area will come (worst of all is, they’d tell you they are coming but won’t show up). I knew I was in trouble.

   Had a girl, Regina, been chatting with her for days and the chat was starting to make sense. We had fixed the evening to continue the chat which I knew was headed somewhere. There was a Jummy I was supposed to meet later in the evening and my phone needs to be on for me to achieve that. Two beautiful girls.

   Not getting my phone charged was not an option cos it could jeopardize a lot of things. I became desperate and more desperate.

  Over the years, I had watched people open up a generator for servicing and that moment, I felt like I could do it. Not that I could do it, but there is a level of desperation where you feel like you could fly an Airplane. That was me.

I went inside, grabbed the available tools and set out to work.

 Fast forward one hour later, I had used petrol to wash the gasket, scrubbed the piston and washed, cleaned the exhaust. I coupled the generator and powered it. The thing came on with an improved sound, but the sound was abnormally high.

  At least, I had fixed the low and dull sound.

    I connected the ”connectibles” and switched on the power circuit, a couple of bulbs went out. I took a desperate run back into the house to confirm if my charger was not plugged. It was plugged but I needed to confirm if the socket is not on.

I mean, why the hell did I service the generator if my charger will not work. I’ll just kill myself.

   I went back to adjust the sound and the the voltage. I achieved normalcy after more than ten minutes of turning, and unscrewing every screws.

 And to the glory of God, I was able to charge my phone and I was happy.

PS: Regina was not online throughout the night and Jummy gave an excuse and we ended not meeting later in the evening. But I got to fix the generator and that’s a win for me.


Sometimes we are faced with challenges that appear insurmountable or destined to break us. And most times the only option is to seek help. But the reality in seeking help is; you will always call for help.

 After fixing the generator, my mum said and I quote; “We don’t have to pay to service the generator no more.”

   If I had called an engineer to fix it, he would have done that(maybe better than what I did) and I will pay him. And three months later, I will call him again for a routine check and servicing. This will continue for the rest of 2018.

 But I took matters into my hands and fixed the problem, maybe I have to do it again next week, at least I am not paying and I am seeing the result.

This 2018, while it is okay to seek help. Getting help is not the same as getting a solution. HELP is temporary as you will always call for one, SOLUTION is permanent.  And I think I have permanently solved the problem of paying someone to check the generator every three months, because as far as D9ty7 is concerned, I have officially become the engineer of our generator and every servicing would be done by me and the money being paid for that can be added to buy fuel.

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