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The ‘Weaponization’ of Poverty

Have you read the GOALKEEPER’s REPORT 2018 by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

This year, Nigeria became the poverty capital of the world. Statistically, 60% of the almost 200million people living in Nigeria live below the poverty line (in abject poverty and on less than 1USD per day)

In a nation where the human population is it greatest potential asset and resource, poverty has been introduced to ensure that the people do not live in prosperity. And it is an age long tactic to impoverish a people if you want to rule them without conscience or delivering the dividends of the government they(the people) have strived to put in place (The Independence struggle and the anti military rule struggle)

Looking at elections in Nigeria since the beginning of our 4th republic democracy, it has always been a case of money politics. Not a situation where a candidate wins by absolute majority, but one where a candidate wins the absolute majority (real or doctored) after he/she has spent the most money.

Former President Umaru Musa Yar ar’ dua openely admitted that the election that brought him to power in 2007 was massively rigged and not free and fair. But by virtue of him being the flagbearer of the then ruling party, he was able to win the election both through the ballot and in the court.

Since the pangs of poverty became the reality in Nigeria, politicians have begun to use that to their advantage to secure votes at the polls.

Will Vote Buying ever stop in Nigeria?

No, not now, not ever. As long as we still have more people living in abject poverty than those living in prosperity, vote buying will continue to triumph.

What the Nigerian ruling class can do

Absolutely nothing. An end to poverty is an end to vote buying. This would mark the beginning of responsible voting exercise, free and fair and voting objectively.

With poverty, an unqualified political aspirant can convince a hunger-stricken electorate to vote for him. And because of his desire and desperation to feed, such an electorate wouldn’t hesitate to sell his vote at a price.

But if poverty is completely eradicated, the ruling class would be at a disadvantage and that is why they will continue to make poor economic policies, aimed at intentionally impoverishing Nigerians.

A government that weaponizes poverty is an unconscionable murderous Government without compassion and moral compass that will equally have no future. Mark my words.” – Sega Awosanya

There is a need to depart from the way of the old. Do not be induced by money before you cast your vote. None of the member of the current political class means well. Whoever offers you money to vote them don’t mean well. Vote against such person. Vote for political competence and not deep pockets.

Durodola Olawale. Y

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  2. The sorry state of d Nigerian society. kudos to the writer

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