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21st Century Activism: A case of Double Standards

I have always wondered why the world is the way it is today because if you attempt to understand the underlying meaning of the concepts of RACISM, MISOGYNY, OPRESSION and the likes of them. You’d realize that a white man cannot be ‘rude’ to a Blackman, he will be tagged racist for everything he says or does. Meanwhile, a Blackman is not racist if he does the exact same thing to a white man.

We preach gender equality, but when explaining the details of this equality, we tend to deviate and subject it to suit our beliefs and personal ideologies.

A man cannot be rude to a woman, he is either flattering her or being misogynistic. The same way a woman can be rude to a man without being tagged misogynistic.

The harsh realities of the 21st century social activism.

In reality, Blacks who complain about racism are the most racist and most divisive of all race in the world, while women who preach gender equality are likely to berate, demean or abuse a woman without being tagged sexist or misogynistic.

I guess the saying that “People don’t exactly hate oppression, they just hate the fact that they are not the oppressor

If men talk about women, especially their physicality, it is called body shaming and sexist. But as far as sexism goes, it is okay for women who live in hatred, complain about baldness and shortness of men. That is not body shaming, but when the man talks about their apparent small boobs, it is body shaming.

It is totally okay if you want to stand on one side of the divide, but don’t come to criticize the wrongs of the other side, while you ignore the wrongs going on on your side.

Social activism is all about striking a balance.


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