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For every publicly traded company, there is a high likelihood that investors must have bought in stakes from the very beginning and the result of these stakes is a seat on the board. The boars of every company are the de facto owners of the company, they make personnel changes and can at any given time legally remove and replace the CEO of the company.

San Jose was seated as the Chairman of the SJC board and the other members of the board sat. As the Chairman and the largest shareholder of the company, he is entitled to two seas on the board. While he occupies one of such seats, his daughter, Bunmi occupies the other seat.

“Moving to the order of business for the day, I am pleased to announce and introduce the newest member of this board room.” He began. “Mr. Tony Brown.”

The conference room erupted with loud applause. “He is also to assume the position of Chairman of the board. All personnel positions remains unchanged. As I take a backseat from active running of this company, I hope to see SJC on the next level before the end of the year.”

A beaming Tony Brown stood up, bowed a little and prepared to address the board.

“Over the years there has been a case of purported rivalry between myself and my chain of companies and the SJC. I really don’t see any. I am just a businessman just like Sir Jose and our collective goal is to create employment, compete healthily in the economy and generate funds for the various developmental programmes of the government.” He paused, looked round the room. “Everything remains intact, in terms of leadership at every level. Except from me becoming the chairman of the board, just know that there exist no differences between my manner of approach and that of Sir Jose. In the spirit of continuity, I say let us carry on like we’ve always done.” He continued.

The members of the board applauded him as he made to sit down. “Thank you.”

After deliberating on a number of issues, especially the ones bordering on staff welfare and the recent strike action by the production unit, the meeting was brought to an end after the CEO, Bunmi Jose raised the motion for adjournment.

Each member of the board walked up to Tony to introduce themselves and get familiar with the largest shareholder of the company.

“Miss. Bunmi, one word please.” He called after Bunmi just before she left the room.

A few minutes later, the conference room was empty, save for Tony Brown and Bunmi Jose.

“Yes? You called.” Bunmi asked impatiently.

“I really do not know what goes on around here before now. Please know that I am not here to change that. And whatever animosity we have towards each other before now, for the sake of the company, let’s be professional and pretend they never happened.” He said.

“That’s good to hear.” Bunmi mouthed.

“Good.” He stretched his hand for a possible handshake.

Bunmi took his hand in hers with a forced smile. And together, they left the conference room to their respective offices where Collins was waiting for her.


“Hey baby.” He stood up immediately she walked into her office.

She lazily walked into his open arms. “I’ve missed you.” She said as he kissed her on the cheek.

“How was the meeting?” He asked as he led her to sit on the couch in the sitting area of the office.

“It’s official. Tony Brown is in charge.” She replied.

“He is in charge of the board.” Collins replied.

“Whoever controls the board controls the company.” Bunmi fired back.

“But he just got here. He met the board here, they love your dad, they are on your side.” Collins pointed out.

“Have you met the man? Very charismatic. You should see how everyone was swarming around him, shaking his hand and licking his ass.” She replied with a tone of irritation evident in her voice.

“I still think you have nothing to fear.” Collins said assuringly.

“You do not understand how this capitalist system works. Tony needs to make his mark as the man in charge.” Bunmi replied. But just before Collins could reply, she changed the topic. “Enough about work, what are your plans for the weekend?”

“Nothing for now. Too early to tell.”

“As if you’ve ever had plans.” She mocked.

“You are responsible for that.” He replied.

“No, you are boring.” Bunmi fired back.

There was a knock on the door. “Come in.”

The door knob turned and Sir San Jose peeked in before he let himself into the office.

“Good morning sir.” Collins greeted before excusing himself.

Back in his office

Collins walked into his office with Rukayat whom he bumped into on his way back from Bunmi’s office.

“Have you been hiding from me?” She asked.

“Me? Hiding?” Collins wondered.

“Yeah, it seems so. I hardly see you nowadays. You leave the eatery as soon as I enter, avoid making eye contact at meetings.”

“That cannot be true. I bet it’s just coincidence.” Collins defended.

“I hope so.” She replied. “But if not, you are really doing a bad job at ignoring me.”

She flung herself on one of the couches in his office. “How come you get a sitting area in your office and I don’t?” She asked.

“I bet every head of department has one.” He replied.

“And I am not the head of HR anymore?”

“I don’t know.” Collins defended weakly.

“One of the perks of dating the CEO.” She joked. “Enjoy it while it.”

Collins unsuccessfully tried to change the topic on a number of occasions.

“What are your plans for the weekend?” She asked.

“Where’s this coming from?”

“My cousin is getting married, I want you to come with me.” She replied. “I am inviting you though.”

“And if I say no?” Collins asked.

“That’ll confirm my fears that you have been ignoring me on purpose.” She replied.

“Okay, I’ll get back to you on that.” Collins replied.

“You better.”

To be continued

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