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The Elite Political Class and the Poverty Stricken Masses

When I stumbled on this picture, so many things came to my mind. But as an African Nigerian who has been traditionally groomed to see things beyond the surface, the first thing that came to my mind just like yours is; regardless of who you are, you can relate to people for the sake of peace. Peace! Peace! Peace! It’s only a name. I have a friend who goes by the name Peace; what a fine girl!

I gave the picture a second and third look and something else came to my mind.
The Lion seems to be at peace with the Zebra probably because he needs something only the Zebra posses. Definitely not beauty.
The year 2019 is about a week away and according to the Nigeria’s First lady, when the lion king returns, animals such as the jackals will have to run into hiding. But sadly, the lion king returned, but the jackals did not hide, in fact, they came out openly and have since gone against the lion king. They booed the Lion king not so long ago.
We live in an animal country.
Back to 2019!
The lion is seeking reelection, but he has failed to protect the smaller animals. Depopulation is the new order in the forest. But with the forest elections coming up, the lion here obviously needs the vote of the Zebra and just as it is done in my country. You mix with ordinary citizens, eat with them, hug them, feed their babies, plait their hair, eat corn, go to the cinemas, do a tour of the 36 states handing out ten thousand naira for small scale businesses. And when it’s Christmas, sing a Christmas song.
The Zebra is being fooled obviously. He has fallen for the antics of the Lion king and he may likely vote for the Lion King. But another four years is not going to be any different and if the Zebra is not careful, he may not survive this time. If the Zebra can reflect objectively, he would realize that if the Lion King meant well for the animals, the water from which they are drinking from would be a lot more whiter and cleaner.

If and when the Zebra votes the lion back into power, I assure you that the lion would feast on the Zebra to celebrate his victory.

Fellow Nigerians, do not be fooled by politicians and their antics. They have started coming. They are humble. They identify with us now. But they do not mean well for us.

Compliments of the season!


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