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Mad House 8

Hunter’s POV

(This update is rated 18+; Kindly ignore if you find this offensive)

I woke up with a start sometimes around 1am. NEPA had seized the power and the heat had gradually returned to my room. Heat is a regular thing for every occupant of the Aso Villa, not because of anything, but the structure of the house. While there is an open space right in the middle of the compound, the rooms are situated next to the very tall fences, making it impossible for windows to access ventilation. It is easier for the adults to survive the head during the non rainy season. After all, you could move your mattress outside and sleep. Or you spend the night fanning yourself with things ranging from books, parker and even disc jackets. Crazy right? The same could not be said for the little children, especially the infants under the ages of five. Their loud cries could be heard all night as they had difficulty sleeping. What a time to be alive.

If only power supply was regular.

I turned restlessly on the floor where I slept and that was when it hit me.

Why am I sleeping on the floor? I lifted myself a little to have a peak at the bed, the sight that met me was shocking. The reflection of the moon from outside made things worse.

There lay a beautiful woman, in her late thirties or early forties. She slept peacefully and a beautiful smile was on her face as she slept.

But that was not the only interesting thing. Iya Iyabo, like a typical Yoruba housewife slept with a wrapper tied around her chest, and covering the rest of her body. But the powers of sleep cannot be overemphasized; because her twists and turns had loosen the knot of the wrapper, meaning the firmness at the chest area was no longer there. The last turn she made removed the wrapper from around her chest and staring at me was a pair of perky breasts.


For a woman who had gone into labor three times for the Landlord, coupled with the rumour that she had a child somewhere before she married the Landlord. That is one hell of a breasts to have.

Even the so called slay queens of the younger generation have difficult maintaining a body as sexy as this.

Iya Iyabo turned on more time, the time her back turned at me and there was the most rounded of all asses I have ever seen.

Not that I have seen much. But this kind of ass is what you see pornstars having. And the popular myth is, pornstars are a product of plastic surgeries and artificial beauty. But here is a woman who is not a pornstar, with everything natural.

I became all restless and I could no longer take my eyes off Iya Iyabo’s body. But even worse, I couldn’t take my mind off it.

Through the space between her legs, I could see a mound, sparsely covered by hair. She wasn’t clean shaven, but she sure as hell wasn’t bushy either.

I was starting to feel a stronger movement down my groin area and without doubt, I knew I was aroused. Well, if you are as sex starved as I was, you would feel aroused too.

There and then, I became conflicted within myself. A part of me wanted to just reach her, grab her and make endless love to her, but another part of me reminded me that could be termed rape, afterall, it wouldn’t be consensual. The former reminded me that no right thinking woman would agree to sleep in the same room with a grown man she is not related with; even blood relations can be funny sometimes. But the later reminded me that sleeping in a man’s room is probably out of trust and making any funny move might not only tarnish my image, but demarket me forever.

You belong to the elite class within this compound. You want to throw away all of that because of kpekus?

“Arrrrrgggggg! You are driving me crazy.” In my mind, I thought I was screaming to the voices within. Not knowing I said that quite aloud.

“You want a piece of the cake?” Iya Iyabo asked in a seductive manner.

That was all I needed before I sprang up and jumped on the mattress, bursting with excitement and adrenaline.

Sexual starvation sure ain’t good! I need to have a job and money fast. Without money, it’s practically impossible to land a woman(especially the random and one night stand ones) in Nigeria.

The moans that escaped Iya Iyabo’s lips as I placed my mouth on her left nipple was very encouraging. I reached her right boob with one of my free hands and nibbled at the nipple slowly but sensually. I continued sucking at the left boob.

Something with the left boob. It has always been my favorite every time I am with a girl. Tina; my girlfriend in 200 level noticed how I always went for the left one first and suggested that was my most sucked as an infant. I don’t know how accurate her theory was, but my only concern is, I love boobs and I suck them as if my life depends on it.

With my free left hand, I traced a line from her belly button, down to her p*ssy.

Damn! She was dripping wet.

I slipped in one finger and slowly, but steadily fingered her. It was dead in the night, so any unnecessary noise would travel across the compound. And Iya Iyabo being a very popular person, he voice is easily recognized. She knew this, so, she had to keep quiet while I did damage to her down there.

I increased the fingers to two and then three. And the wave of pleasure running through her body was just too much. How my boxers left my waist, I didn’t know. All I noticed was her hand tugging at my turgid d*ck. By now, I had interchanged. I was sucking a different boob. I had a different hand on the other boob and a different hand in her p*ssy.

At least, every hand must have equal share.

“F*ck me.” She whispered.

That was all I needed to hear. I laid her gently on the mattress, held my dick and rubbed it against he pussy, for moisture from her wetness. I dived into the not so tight p*ssy and after one or two slow thrusts, I gained momentum.

Even though her p*ssy wasn’t as tight as should be (quite understandable) there was something sweet about her p*ssy. Probably because she is a married woman. It felt different. The sweetness is one of a kind.

I knew I wasn’t gonna last long and after one or two more heavy thrusts, I came. I sprayed my seed all over her.

Tired and all spent, I laid on my back.

“Ki lo shele?”(What happened) She asked.

“Mo ti se tan.”(I’m done) I replied.

“Nooo, se iseju kan le ma n lo ni?”(Are you a one minute man) She asked.

Apparently, she was disappointed.

“Emi sese wa in the mood ni.”(I just got in the mood) She added.

Out of nowhere, she straddled me and took my d*ck in her mouth. Probably hoping that would bring it back to life.

For where?

To be continued

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