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Collins was in the bathroom when he heard the front door creak open and without any doubt, he knew Bunmi had arrived as speculated. The last they spoke, she was five minutes away. It’s been eight minutes since then, it is only plausible that she was the one who walked in.

“Babe.” She called.

“One minute, I’m in the bathroom.” Collins replied as he washed off the soap from his face.

A little of three minutes later, Collins emerged from the bathroom dripping wet with water. A towel hung across his neck.

“Hey baby.” He called out to Bunmi who was busy on her phone with open arms.

“Come on, you are all wet.” She replied. “Why are you just taking your bath? Aren’t you aware today is Sunday?”

“Sorry, I must have overslept.” He replied as he prepared to get dressed.

Bunmi resumed with her phone, sending occasional looks to her man as he dressed.

“That’s not right. Go with a blue shirt.” She suggested.

Collins chuckled. “My fashion stylist.”

“Whatever, you can’t wear odd color combinations and expect me to keep quiet.” Bunmi replied.

Silence enveloped the room as Collins finished up his dressing. “Wait, let me help.” Bunmi stood up to him and touched up his dressing. It has become a habit for her to put finishing touches to his dressing every Sunday.

The thought of the previous day enveloped his mind. What if Bunmi had met Rukayat in his apartment? What would her reaction be? He was scared to even imagine what would or might happen.

“So, where were you throughout yesterday?” Bunmi chipped in.

“First, I was at home all through. Then later in the afternoon, I went out.” He replied.

“Went out? To where? And without me?”

“I ran into an old friend and one thing led to another, he dragged me out where we met a few other people. It was fun.” He lied.

“That’s nice.” She remarked with a smile. “All set.”

“After you ma’am.” Collins stepped back to allow her go out first. A gentleman act which always makes her insides churn with butterflies.

Just as he made to leave the room, he gave the room one final look and there he saw it. Just very close to where Bunmi sat was a black brassier. He needed no soothsayer to tell him Rukayat left her bra in his apartment.

Could it be intentional? He hope not.

But thankful that Bunmi didn’t see it.


Going to church on a Sunday has become such a sport to some people that they have been to- if not all- almost all the churches in their locality and environs. The reason for this is not far fetched. It a common culture of the new generation Pentecostal churches to invite first timers to the alter, pray for them and officially welcome them to the church. This sure doesn’t go alone, as they get served lunch or in worst cases, snacks.

The average Nigerian loves getting things without working for it. And for most people, if all it takes to eat free lunch is to attend a new Church every Sunday and come out as a first timer, then so be it.

And the experts in this field understood risk prevention and management, because they never go to the small congregant Churches. They always preferred to go to the big Churches where there are a lot of people and nobody recognizes nobody. Such that, after a month of trying out other churches, they can always circle back to the earlier attended Churches. And they never get spotted.

“If you are worshipping with us for the first time, please step outside.” The Pastor announced at the close of the service.

Teri dropped her bible next to her handbag on her Chair and made her way to the front. But was shocked at the number of first timers coming out along with her.

Remembering the tales she had heard from friends about surviving in their University days, and seeing that most of the first timers were young and mostly in their early twenties, she concluded that they are the regular first timer goody scavengers. Another pointer was the fact that most of them happen to know one another, seeing as they laughed together. And realizing that one of the Campuses of the State University is close by, she concluded that many of them were just students looking to eat on a Sunday afternoon.

The Pastor said a word of prayer and the rest of the congregation recited their usual welcome saying. After which souvenirs were handed out to each and every one of them.

“Please drop your numbers in the register.” The Pastor instructed as he made to leave the alter.

Teri made sure not to drop her contact, because she wasn’t ready for broadcast text messages or being forced to be a part of a WhatsApp group that would always kill her battery.

“Welcome to Christ Beloved Church.” A deep baritone voice greeted.

“Hi, thank you.” Teri replied.

“I’m Ade by name.” He introduced with his hand stretched.

Teri took his hand in hers lightly. And with a smile all over her face. “Teri.” She replied. “Are you a first timer?” She asked.

“Not really.” He replied. “I am not a regular timer anyway. So, every once in a while I come for service, I get nudged by the ushers to go out as a first timer.” He explained with a chuckle. “Crazy right?”

“Scary.” Teri replied. “A first timer every time you attend Sunday service. Can’t deal.” She laughed.

Together they both walked out of the church auditorium as they made small talks. One look at the duo and you’d conclude they’d known each other forever.

“This is me here.” Teri said when they came next to a cream colored Toyota Camry.

“Wow! Nice ride.” Ade remarked.

“Thanks.” She replied.

“You know, can I buy you a drink sometime?” He asked.

“All pleasure.” She answered.

To be continued.

PS: Remember Ade? He is a Senior member of staff at SJC. But on suspension for misdemeanor.

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