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“If you demand money from someone in exchange for your silence, it’s called ‘blackmail’. If your lawyer demands money from someone in exchange for your silence, it’s called a settlement. If you do big things they print your face, and if you do little things they print only your thumbs.” – Arthur Baer

The saying “never judge a book by it’s cover” is not only old, but it is the most apt and widely accepted of all sayings. Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a book without cover, because at the end of the day, it is the content that matters most.

Flashback; 3 years ago

The days was Sunday and we had just returned from Church. The driver had driven myself and my children to a nearby Pentecostal Church for worship and on our way back, we made a quick detour to the market where I got tubers of yam, which my husband specifically demanded for. Dinner tonight is going to be Pounded Yam! He had said before we left for church six hours ago.

“e ba mi ko awon isu yen wole.” I said to my children who began to take the tubers of yam inside in twos.

The pedestrian gate was pushed open and a young man walked in. From his looks, he couldn’t be more than twenty five years of age. With a well trimmed afro on his head, his beards well trimmed and taken care of. One could see his abs from the fitted white T-shirt he was putting on.

Who is this cutie? Was the only question on my mind.

While admiring God’s work in his physical outlook, I didn’t notice him walk up to me.

“Good afternoon Ma.” He greeted.

I snapped out of my daydream and was faced with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. Plastered on the most cutest of faces and his lips. Oh God! All pink and kissable. I felt my insides turn.

“G….oo….d afternoon.” I almost stuttered.

“I am the one renting one of the vacant apartments at the back.” He said.

“Oh! You must be Paul?” I asked. More like a confirmation of his identity.

“Yes Ma. I am Paul.” he replied with a smile.

Damn! Why did I marry an old man?

“I suppose you’ve gotten your keys. Just go round the back to your apartment.” I didn’t believe I could be this polite or fluent.

“Thank you Ma.” He smiled again as he picked his bags and walked towards the small gate connecting our compound to the back.

I’d give everything to scream and moan under the influence of his big dick.

I bet he could make me orgasm. He has a huge frame, meaning he must be loaded under.

That was my initial judgment of Paul who is later to be known as Hunter in the compound.

Back to Present

How mistaken was I. Not only did I misjudge a book by its cover, the content of the book is also a disappointing one.



The time was 4AM and being a Monday, I knew it was only a matter of time before people started heading out. In an attempt to beat the Lagos traffic, especially those who work on the Island.

I for one would be going out pretty early as well, not because of anything but because it’s a new week and the struggle continues. I have submitted my CV to a number of firms and companies in the past weeks, all from which I haven’t gotten a response. But as usual, I ain’t giving up. This week, we go again.

But first of all, I have to take care of a pressing problem. Yeah! You guessed right; Iya Iyabo.

Even though I was just been sympathetic when I asked her to spend the night in my room. If my act if kindness became public notice, no one would agree that In was only been nice. They’d say I was sleeping with the Landlord’s wife. Taaaar! Not gonna happen.

But, I really slept with the Landlord’s wife. The more reason why she mustn’t be seen in my apartment. I am a terrible liar.

While it’s still dark, this would be the right opportunity to make her leave my room.

“Let me take my leave. I’d go to my husband’s family house.” She announced.

Bitch! So you could have gone there last night? So why did you stay? To tempt me? I screamed in my head.

“That’d be nice.” I replied. “So, what will you do afterwards?”

“I’ll get the elders to come and talk to him.” She replied.

I stood up and proceeded to walk her to the door.

“Paul.” She called.

“Yes?” I turned to face her.

“There is no reason to feel bad about what happened last night. I guess you got too excited.”

I only nodded my head before I began to unfasten the lock.

“I’ll leave my stuff here.” She said pointing to her bags which she left at my verandah.

“Not a problem.” I replied.

With her purse in hand and without another word, she left. I couldn’t go inside immediately. I waited as she walked the long distance across the compound, making it very possible for someone to spot her from their window. And the moon did little to help.

I hope no one sees her. I prayed as I turned to return to my room.

“Hunter.” A masculine voice whispered.

Damn! I cursed under my breath as I walked out of my verandah into the compound and around back.

It was Obinna. “Bro, how far?” I asked.

He was at it again. His early morning routine with weed.

He simply started laughing. “You dey kpansh landlord wife?” He asked.

“Me? Hell no.” I replied.

“Lying sure wouldn’t help you here. Admit it.”

“It was only yesterday. She had nowhere to stay so I let her in. One thing led to another.” I explained.

“I trust you. Making most of every situation.” He hailed. “So, how was she?” He asked.

I ended up narrating how it went down, leaving out the part where I released in less than one minute. I painted myself as a macho.

The time was almost 4:30 when I tried to leave.

“Drop something.” He said.

“What?” I asked, not sure what he meant. Or rather praying it’s not what I’m thinking.

“You slept with the Landlord’s wife. Hot gist on a Monday morning. The landlord owns a rifle. Put two and two together, do the math.” He explained with a wicked smile on his face.

This is Blackmail!



I had spent the entire night unable to sleep. I am in some deep and serious shit and there I no way out of it.

It has been confirmed, Chidera is pregnant and I am the father. Not that we planned it, but as careful as we tried to be, shit happened.

Or maybe I am not even the father. Who knows?

But over the weekend, I had received Mama Chidera and her entourage comprising of her daughters and new husband, with bloodshot eyes and non smiling faces. They had just one news for me.

Chidera has to move in with me.

According to the mother, she can’t be taking care of my unborn child and the mother. I should man up to my responsibility.

I had initially held my ground, threatened fire and brimstone, my last ditch attempt at not taking rubbish from them.

But later, we reached a conclusion that even though Chidera wouldn’t move in with me, however, her upkeep and that of the pregnancy will be my sole responsibility. Starting today, Monday (she is going to register for Antenatal care)

So, sleep eluded me for most part of the night, prompting me to step out around 3am with my weed. At least, I deserve happiness too.

One hour into my exercise, I saw the Landlord’s wife; Iya Iyabo, whom he had evicted the previous night walking across the compound towards the exit. No doubt, someone must have offered her shelter for the night. But who? None of my business if you ask me.

But another thing of interest is the fact that, Hunter opened his door not long ago.

Could it be….? No no no. I trust Hunter. He doesn’t do married women.

But, what if?

I decided to investigate. “Hunter.” I whispered.

He came around to the back where I was.

“Bro, how far?” He asked. From his looks, one could tell he wasn’t guilty or scared of anything.

Maybe he didn’t do anything. But, my manipulative mind wouldn’t let me be.

“You dey kpansh landlord wife?” I probed.

“Me? Hell no.” He replied.

“Lying sure wouldn’t help you here. Admit it.” This was my last attempt at getting him to admit it.

If only he had held on to his denial.

Unfortunately, he caved. “It was only yesterday. She had nowhere to stay so I let her in. One thing led to another.”

“I trust you. Making most of every situation.” I hailed. “So, how was she?” I asked.

He went on for twenty minutes or so, describing in details how it went. From her perky boobs, to her pink p*ssy.

Now, it’s time to use it to my advantage.

“Drop something.” I said.

“What?” he asked, not sure what I meant.

“You slept with the Landlord’s wife. Hot gist on a Monday morning. The landlord owns a rifle. Put two and two together, do the math.” I explained with a wicked smile on his face.

He reluctantly walked away into his apartment and reemerged a minute later with a thousand naira note.

Damn! Transport fare don complete.

To be continued

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Durodola Olawale. Y is a young Nigerian writer, social media PR expert, social critic, business consultant and a political analyst cum diplomat. My love for writing dates back to 2012 when I first made an attempt to write a story. A dream I finally actualized in 2013 with TEENAGE LOVE NAIVETY; my debut story. Since than I have gone on to release the following body of work on the web and as PDF; Shadows from the Past - 2014 The Undercover Agent- 2014 All in a Circle- 2014 The Thomas- 2015 The Murderer- 2016 The Sextape- 2017 I am not a Feminist: You don't have to be too- 2018 The State House- 2018 I hope to never stop writing, no matter what.

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