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NIGERIA DECIDES 2019: Realities of a Nation on a downward spiral

Can you clearly see the featured image on this blogpost? Have you seen same picture on our social media platforms?

The picture speaks volume of the very many wrongs going on in the country Nigeria.

Growing up as a Nigerian kid, phrases like ‘bail is free’ and ‘police is your friend’ were hammered into our brains and for a moment we felt safe within the confines of our fatherland and beyond. But as maturity began to set in, these phrases were first debunked the Nigerian(Nollywood) film industry. In their various movies, we say how Policemen arrested an innocent person, formulate charges against him and still get bailed with exorbitant bail fees. And the last few years, we experienced ‘the enmity’ status of the Nigerian police force. Thanks to the Special Anti Robbery Squad, young Nigerians were picked up on the grounds that they are internet fraudsters and extorted without mercy. A job description of the EFCC, one outside the jurisdiction of the police or SARS. It graduated from being suspected as an internet fraudster to being labelled one, so far you are well dressed and you use a high end smartphone.

Clearly, the police is not your friend.

The year 2019 started with every sight set on the months of February and March. Not because the former represents the month of Valentine, but because the two months represents when the nation goes to the polls to elect her leaders and representatives for the next four years.

And to say every Nigerian looked forward to the month, actively participated in the build up to the election, actively participated in the electioneering process would be a gross understatement. From the collection of PVC by the citizens, especially the youths and young people, to how people traveled far distances just to exercise their franchise. After the disappointment of February 16, you’d expect that the turnout of voters would reduce massively, but at the moment, the turn out recorded nation wide is okay.

A NATION ON A DOWNWARD SPIRAL; The NYSC scheme is one of the best ideas of the military government. Coming on the back of the Nigerian civil war(1967-1970) it was a National integration attempt. A successful one at that, but one that has outlived it’s significance. With growing calls from all quarters for the scrap of the scheme.

Every election year, members of the NYSC are deployed by INEC to see to the conduct of the election in their various place of primary assignments and just like every election in Nigeria is marred by certain amount of violence, the corp members bear the brunts of it the most. We saw the killing of about 11 corps member after the 2011 elections, we saw how corps members were forced into allowing underaged voters cast their ballots in 2015, how they were intimidated into doing the biddings of the locals. And 2019 is here again, you’d expect an improvement, but it obviously got worse.

We woke up on the 16th of February to images of corps members earlier deployed for the 16th elections passing the night in horrible conditions, sleeping outside on the field, in dilapidated classrooms to name a few.

Clearly, INEC did not make preparations for these young men and women, and no right thinking nation pushes her young people out to face uncertain conditions; only a nation on a downward spiral does that.

And this particular image of this corps member carrying his colleague is disturbing in every sense, because we can’t ascertain the state of her health or what happened to her, but from all indication, there is a chance that the female corps member is either unconscious or seriously hurt. Or what would warrant her being carries by her colleague?

What is particularly disturbing is the fact that, security operatives deployed to protect the electorate, electoral agents, corps members and the entire process preferred to stand and look on like a spectator.

This image is disturbing because your friend who should be protecting you would rather stand and watch as you are being butchered and wounded. And no right thinking nation does this to her youth(representing a majority of her population and voting population) except the nation is on a downward spiral, ‘retrogressing’

Today is Sunday, I’d expect to see this image on the front pages of our various national dailies and newspapers, with articles condemning the actions or inactions of the Policemen in the picture. And investigation should be launched by the force to ascertain; first of all the state of health of the lady and the identity of the men. And the right punishment should be metted out without prejudice.

My heart goes out to every state of the Federation where the process was marred with violence. I had earlier posted a video of gunshots being heard in Abonema, Rivers state on our Instagram page. WATCH VIDEO HERE

I hope everyone is safe and sound, and to those who lost their lives in the process, I can only pray that God grants their respective families the fortitude to bear the loss.

PS: This election is far from being free and fair especially with regards to the violence. Rivers, Lagos, Osun confirms this.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Durodola Oláwálé. Y


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  1. This male corper is a thousand times what those officers would never be

  2. They are only good at picking innocent guys as internet fraudsters. Kudos to the male corper

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