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Durodola Olawale. Y is a young Nigerian writer, social media PR expert, social critic, business consultant and a political analyst cum diplomat. My love for writing dates back to 2012 when I first made an attempt to write a story. A dream I finally actualized in 2013 with TEENAGE LOVE NAIVETY; my debut story. Since than I have gone on to release the following body of work on the web and as PDF; Shadows from the Past - 2014 The Undercover Agent- 2014 All in a Circle- 2014 The Thomas- 2015 The Murderer- 2016 The Sextape- 2017 I am not a Feminist: You don't have to be too- 2018 The State House- 2018 I hope to never stop writing, no matter what.

We should Deregulate the Federal Government

During the Goodluck Jonathan led administration there were consistent radio adverts urging Nigerians to accept deregulation as the magic wand invented by our team of expert economists for solving our national problems. “Deregulation simply means non-direct involvement of government in the deregulated sectors. It could also be called privatization.” It …

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